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Search Warrants

The police show up at the door of your home or business demanding to see and possibly seize documents, files, computers, and anything else they claim to need for a criminal investigation. What do you do?

For many people, the shock of such an experience leads them to simply open the door and worry about the legality or consequences later. They assume that they have done nothing wrong and therefore have nothing to hide but they never consider the cost to their business of allowing uniformed police officers to wander the halls, seizing whatever they claim to need. Can your business operate without its computers or copies of your files? What would your clients think if they showed up for a meeting only to find yellow police tape surrounding your reception area?

A single call to Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman could save you enormous amounts of heartache and lost business. We will dispatch a lawyer to communicate with the officer in charge of the investigation and determine whether police have any right to search your home or business. If police do in fact have a valid search warrant, our lawyers will ensure that police stay within the scope of that search warrant. We will also negotiate with police to ensure that the search is conducted as quickly and unobtrusively as possible preserving your right to access business-critical files and equipment.