Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding criminal law


Q: Why Should I Spend Money Hiring A Criminal Lawyer – Can’t I Just Represent Myself?
Q: I Know I’m Not Getting A Jail Sentence For What I Did, So Why Worry If I Get Convicted?
Q: Why Should I Bother Hiring A Criminal Lawyer – My Real Estate Lawyer (Or Commercial / Corporate / Estates / Family / Etc.) Says She Can Take My Case?
Q: But Wouldn’t It Be Cheaper To Hire A Non-Criminal Lawyer To Care For My Case?
Q: When Should I Call A Criminal Lawyer?
Q: I’ve Heard On TV That You Should Never Make A Statement To Police – But That Can’t Apply To Me. I’m Innocent And Haven’t Done Anything Wrong. I’m Sure If I Just Answer Their Questions, This Will All Go Away.
Q: I’ve Been Charged With A First-Time Impaired Driving. I Know I’m Only Going To Get The Minimum Fine. Why Should I Bother Hiring A Lawyer?
Q: I’ve Been Charged With A Domestic Assault Against My Wife. She Doesn’t Wanbet To Press Charges. If She And I Just Explain The Situation To The Crown Or Police, Won’t The Charges Be Dropped And I’ll Be Allowed To Move Back Home With My Family?