Edward Prutschi on CBC's "How To Do It"

**Fast Forward to [highlight background_color=”fcff00″ text_color=”000000″]16:30[/highlight] of the podcast to listen to Edward Prutschi’s segment:**

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk away from your life forever? What practical tips and skills would you need to ensure that you can disappear without leaving a trace? In our first episode, we share stories of disappearance, including the tale of a disgraced financier who clumsily faked his suicide. We also go out into the field to ask the experts about the nuts and bolts of successfully pulling off a disappearance, such as how to disguise your appearance and where to hide the money. Edward Prutschi, a Toronto Criminal Lawyer who specializes in extradition law, and is also a well-travelled Crime Traveller, sits down with Josh Bloch and Sarah Treleaven to tell us the places on earth to disappear to.