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Here’s what our actual clients have to say about our criminal law firm:

Thank You Very Much

Dear Mr. Adler,
I just wanted to take a few moments to thank you very much for everything that you have done for me with the most recent court case and the previous cases as well. In hindsight, I feel very foolish for my actions and I believe that day by day I am living with a sense of gratitude and respect that I previously never did. Thank you for your patience, your kindness and your services and I hope the holidays are filled with joyfulness, peace, and renewal for you and your family.

M.M., Toronto

You Did It Again!

Leo you did it again!!! Congratulations on yet another Victory. There is only one person we know that wins battles with such grace and poise.

R & J, Toronto

Your Help Was Appreciated

Hi Mr. Adler,
Thank you so much for all that you have done for us. You’ll never know how much your help was appreciated. Thanks again.

Sincerely, R.L. and J.M.


I am so grateful to you for your compassion and service.

Most sincerely,

P. W.

Maria, Spain

“I was arrested on a Friday of a long weekend upon harassment charges when I arrived at Toronto Pearson Airport. On the holiday Monday, Leo Adler came to see me at the jail. I was relieved to see him because I couldn’t call my husband in Spain. The fact that he came to talk to me on the holiday Monday made me feel special and that was very important to me because being held in custody made me feel lost and deprived of my dignity.

The next day in court, Leo had already arranged for my bail and for me to stay with my friends in Toronto until my return to Spain. All throughout this lengthy process Leo has readily been available to promptly answer all of my questions.

I had never before needed to have a criminal lawyer, but one never knows when you might find yourself in a situation when you do. I am glad I know Leo Adler because I feel safe in knowing that no matter what may happen in the future, I have a criminal defence lawyer I can fully trust to fight for my interests”

Mr. R.

“To Leo Adler, I have found you and your firm to be incredibly helpful during my legal situations. I respect your constant professionalism and straight-forward approach when explaining legal matters. I consider you and your staff to be the gold standard in criminal defence. This is why I will always recommend your services to loved ones in need of legal representation.”

Warm Regards, Bill And Scott

“Dear Boris, Thank you for the follow up letter and your invoice. Scott is very happy with the outcome of his charges and we would both like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, expertise and the friendly manner in which you work. Your entire office staff was also excellent to deal with, always there with a quick response and professional manner.”

P.S., Toronto

“In my business and personal life, I have needed to consult with a number of lawyers in various areas of practice. Out of all these different lawyers, Mr. Prutschi was by far the most accessible and responsive to my needs. He would return my phone calls within hours (if he didn’t answer the phone himself in the first place) and frequently updated me about my case via e-mail.”

Our Message:

We pride ourselves on being recognized as some of the best Toronto criminal lawyers throughout the GTA, including Mississauga, Brampton, & Oshawa. We have helped our clients get the best-possible rulings and will zealously fight on your behalf. If you have been criminally charged, do not risk your future and call us at 416-365-3151 to get the best legal representation possible.

Ari N. Kaplan; Pensions And Employee Benefits Koskie Minsky LLP

“In my practice, I often call on Mr. Prutschi to answer criminal law questions that my firm simply does not handle. Mr. Prutschi always provides me with concise, accurate answers to my criminal law questions and he does so in a remarkably fast and cost-efficient manner.”

Don Henderson; Goodmans Venture Group Goodmans LLP

“When clients of mine find themselves or their family members facing criminal charges, I always refer them to Mr. Prutschi. He gives my clients the kind of expert legal advice they have come to expect as clients of our firm and they always return to me relieved to have been dealt with in such a professional manner.”

The Honourable Mr. Justice B. Cavion Ontario Court Of Justice; Excerpted From The Transcript At The Conclusion Of A Lengthy And Complex Preliminary Inquiry

“First of all I want to thank all the lawyers in this preliminary hearing. The evidence was indeed presented clearly, succinctly, and the defence counsel [Mr. Prutschi and a colleague] brought out those relevant issues with real insight and quite precisely. I firmly believe, and I mean this sincerely, I don’t usually say this, but Mr. [S] and Ms. [P] are very well represented indeed. They are very professional counsel and they’ve done a very good job.”

Marvin Huberman; Teplitsky Colson

“I have always been most impressed with the way in which Mr. Prutschi handles criminal trials. His focus, determination and experience give me every confidence that my clients are in expert hands when I refer them to Mr. Prutschi for criminal law advice.”

Ms. L. A., Toronto

“It is without any hesitation that I can write a statement of satisfaction and gratitude for Jason Morische and the criminal law firm he represents. Due to an unfortunate situation my son required the services of Jason Morische of Adler Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman. I’m sure any parent can only imagine what it must be like to have their child charged and going to court – the stress and worry is immense.

Jason represented my son to the best of his ability and he always spoke to him and us with honesty and respect. We felt that he was in our corner every step of the way, which helped greatly through the difficult process.

We were living in another province during the court preparation and found Jason to always be available at any time of the day or night to answer any and all of our questions or concerns. His confident and reassuring nature was very helpful when explaining my son’s options and the court process. The day in court did come in September 2005 and Jason was brilliant! He was very well prepared and provided an intelligent and well researched defence. At one point in the proceedings the judge stopped to commend him on his ability to work with the “Crown Counsel” to keep the process moving and not waste the court’s time. Ultimately my son’s charges were dropped and I would highly recommend Jason and his firm for any of your legal needs. We are finally breathing a sigh of relief and Jason’s knowledge of the law was invaluable in helping my son.”

Ms. L. A., Toronto

“Dear Boris [Bytensky],

May this card find you and your family in good health and spirits. Well, this is my first Christmas out [of custody] in 6 years. I feel absolutely awesome! From my heart, I deeply appreciate your caring and compassion. It made such a difference in keeping my hope strong!!

Thank you and God bless. I will continue to keep in touch.”


Dear Mr. Prutschi,

We both would like to express our heartiest gratitude to you for all your efforts, sincerity and dedication without which it would not have been possible to get such a positive outcome of the case. It was tremendously difficult to deal with such an embarrassing charge. We would always remember you for your honesty and straightforwardness that we experienced in our first meeting. We would be able to refer anybody to you with a blind faith.

Please allow me to mention a funny saying (which I have heard from elders) that it is better not to see a lawyer and a doctor again. I would also like to wish the same. But I would always like to see you as an excellent and humane person. Please let me know if we can be of any use to you.

S.L. – Brampton

Dear Boris [Bytensky],

I recall the first time I talked with you in April of 2006. I was very skeptical, as I did not know you or your criminal law firm. As my case went further, I got to know you and how you and your firm operated, I became more confident with you and your firm.

Where do I start to thank you and your firm for my recent win in the Superior Court.

First, I need to thank your firm for the utmost professionalism for the start.

I was originally arrested in March of 2006: where you met with my parents and showed them the kindness of your firm. How your firm (Jason) tried to get me out on bail. Jason did his very best and it was the J.P. who made a mistake and eventually was over turned and I eventually made bail.

Your firm (Ed) then helped me to get out of jail the second time in September of 2006.

You and your law firm made me and my parents both feel like we were not just another case. Your firm made us feel like we were of importance. Especially, when Jason drove and met me half way to sign an affidavit, on a Sunday evening and it was close to midnight when that occurred.

Boris, you were always positive and made me feel like there was a good chance to win the case. We spoke and I met with you in this past month, you tried to make me feel like we could win the case.


Even with the judge you tried to avoid, you were able to pull it off!!!!!

I cannot thank you and your firm enough, I am now able to move forward and my parents are ecstatic with the outcome.

I thank you one last time, and it cannot be thanks enough.