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Toronto Child Porn Charges Dropped But The Damage Is Done

Toronto Child Porn Charges Dropped But The Damage Is Done Read how partner, Boris Bytensky, fought for 16 straight months to secure a withdrawal of all charges in a child pornography case. Even after winning the case, Mr. Bytensky and the team at Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman leveraged their extensive knowledge of Canadian media to counter […]

Sonya Shikhman: It’s Self-Defence in Myles Hughes Case

Sonya Shikhman indicated that her client’s defence will stand on the testimony of three witnesses. Myles Hughes’ lawyer says her client used a gun to defend himself and several friends from violent intruders who invaded his home on March 2010. Those remarks incapsulated the stance of Hughes’ defence lawyer, Sonya Shikhman, during her opening address […]

Tory Wants to Add “Rape” to Criminal Code

Tory Wants to Add “Rape” to Criminal Code Over 30 years ago, the term rape was taken out of Criminal Code of Canada and was instead replaced with the broader term of sexual assault. While many legal analysts have said that such an umbrella term is problematic and cannot encompass the full scope of sexual […]

They Want Him Back – Toronto Sun

Parents assaulted preemie breaking his bones Toronto Star, Thursday, October 28, 2004; B1 A Toronto couple convicted of breaking their four-pound baby’s bones, inflicting six fractures, wants him back and is seeking a six-month, stay-at-home sentence. Within 10 days of coming home from hospital in 2002, the baby’s parents, “Kerry” and “Stan,” severed their son’s […]

Mom Pleads for 2nd Try With Infant

Woman, 23, found guilty of breaking both of baby’s legs Implores judge to let her ‘raise my son the right way’ Toronto Star, Saturday, October 23, 2004; B3 By: Peter Small, Staff Reporter A Toronto woman convicted of breaking both her premature infant’s legs is begging a judge to give her a chance to once […]

What Happens After a Domestic Assault Charge

Edward Prutschi discusses what happens after a domestic assault charge, and shares some valuable insight on the legalities surrounding domestic assault and domestic violence, and why the exception instead of the rule often guides legislation. A criminal charge is a life-altering event and it becomes almost unbearable when defendants see the forces that they are really […]

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