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What Happens After a Domestic Assault Charge

Edward Prutschi discusses what happens after a domestic assault charge, and shares some valuable insight on the legalities surrounding domestic assault and domestic violence, and why the exception instead of the rule often guides legislation. A criminal charge is a life-altering event and it becomes almost unbearable when defendants see the forces that they are really […]

A Blow to the Bail Program

In yet another example of ‘tough-on-crime’ trumping ‘smart-on-crime’, despite millions of additional dollars required to manage the increased custodial times for offenders on the many new mandatory minimum sentences, apparently no money could be found to save the venerable Toronto Bail Program. It has recently been announced that, effective Mar. 29, the Toronto Bail Program […]

A Tale of Two Obstructions

Two cases that strike to the core of our criminal justice system. In one, a man seeks to protect to his girlfriend from liability for the tragic beating death of her young daughter. He delivers conflicting stories throughout the course of the investigation ultimately stunning the courtroom by claiming responsibility for the injuries himself in […]

Horse and Buggy Law In Toronto

A recent report prepared by a Superior Court Judge has found that 20 years after the Corrections and Conditional Release Act required it, the endorsements of Judges regarding prison classifications, treatment programs and other key information are still not being passed along to correctional authorities in the majority of cases. Justice Gans described the technology […]

High-profile Barrie Murder Case

Slain Son Left like ‘Dead Dog’ Boris Bytensky leads defence team in high-profile Barrie murder case The Globe and Mail, June 11, 2011 By: Tracy McLaughlin TORONTO – Devon Chambers sat in a cold, angry silence in the courtroom as he watched the man who shot his son five times confess in a videotaped statement to police. […]

Abusive Mom Begs For Herself, But What of Her Child?

The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 23, 2004 By: Christie Blatchford It was yesterday during the sentencing hearing for a couple convicted in the aggravated assault of their seven-week-old son that the lawyer for the baby’s mother, Edward Prutschi, read aloud from a letter his client had written. In what turned out to be a document […]

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