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R. v. Jarvis 2019 SCC 10

 https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/17515/index.do What is voyeurism? In R. v. Jarvis, the Supreme Court of Canada dealt with the offence voyeurism under section 162(1) of the Canadian Criminal Code.

BORIS BYTENSKY Criminal Lawyer

At the height of the pandemic, Boris Bytensky helped mobilize an army of defence lawyers to reduce the prison population

  To criminal lawyer Boris Bytensky, the early days of the pandemic unfolded in the correctional system like a giant round of whacka-mole. “We were trying to smash down one problem, and then something else would pop right up,” says the partner at Bytensky Shikhman Barristers. There were concerns that prisons across Ontario were critically short […]

What Does it Mean to be a “Party to an Offence”?

Introduction According to Canadian criminal law, those who encourage or assist in the commission of an offence are just as guilty as the person who commits it. This occurs through what is often referred to as “aiding and abetting”. The difference between aiding and abetting and actually carrying out the crime is understood by Canadian […]

What is diversion for shoplifting

What is diversion for shoplifting?

Shoplifting It’s the bane of a store owner’s existence. Boosting. Racking. Nicking. The five-finger discount. Whatever you call it, it’s shoplifting and the crime of theft under $5000 under the Criminal Code of Canada. BPS lawyers have defended hundreds of people over the years against shoplifting charges. Trials are rare as the costs associated with […]

Bail Hearing

The “Revolving Door” Bail System in Canada

The “Revolving Door” Bail System in Canada: Opinions from Edward Prutschi Many Canadians have grown very frustrated with the bail system in the country. They are not alone. Police chiefs have also become increasingly weary of the tireless routine of having to arrest the same criminals because they were out on bail. Also, political leaders […]

Law & Order with Ed Prutschi and Mike McCormack

Law & Order with Ed Prutschi, Toronto Police Association head and Mike McCormack

People have been shocked to watch the video of a man handcuffed in the back of a Toronto Police cruiser produce a gun from his pants. In this month’s Law & Order segment, criminal defence lawyer Edward Prutschi takes on Toronto Police Association head, Mike McCormack, and dissects what went so dangerously wrong. Edward Prutschi Bytensky Prutschi […]

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