Child Pornography Charges & Internet Luring Case Study

G was a practicing lawyer living in a home with several other family members when a search warrant was executed by police. As a lawyer, he knew enough about the seriousness of the situation to immediately call Mr. Prutschi at Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman. Mr. Prutschi communicated with police on the scene during the execution of the warrant and remained in close contact with investigators and the assigned Crown Attorney after the fact as police computer crime experts assessed the seized data. Although child pornography files were located on computers that G had access to, Mr. Prutschi mounted a powerful defence demonstrating that it could not be proven that G was even aware of the illegal material. In close consultation with the crown, Mr. Prutschi was able to dissuade the police from ever laying any charges thus sparing G from personal and professional ruin.

S was being prosecuted for allegations of forged documents in the course of an unrelated domestic dispute when police seized a computer from his home. After Mr. Bytensky was successful in defeating all of the forgery allegations, police laid a series of new charges alleging that child pornography files had been located on the seized computer. Mr. Bytensky prepared a series of legal motions to defend against these new charges and succeeded in having all the charges stayed due in part to the investigative delay of the police.

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