Child Sexual Assault Case

It was every parent’s worst nightmare – Mr. J returned home from work one night to find that all his children had been taken into custody by the Children’s Aid Society and that he was facing over 10 charges of sexually molesting two of his daughters. Mr. J was arrested that evening and held in custody for a bail hearing.

Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman was hired and immediately got Mr. J. bail so that he could return home to care for the rest of his children (who were returned by Children’s Aid) and go back to work.

At the trial, our lawyer meticulously cross-examined the 17 year old daughter who reported all the alleged sexual abuse. Mr. J took the stand along with another witness to prove that the daughter had a motive to hate her father and could be lying about the allegations. Mr. Prutschi attended at the family’s home to create a video of the ‘scene of the crime’ to prove to the judge that there were inconsistencies in the complainant’s story.

After an emotional 10-day trial, the judge dismissed all charges against Mr. J.

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