Cross-Border International Fraud Case

Mr. Y was charged in relation to 69 counts of fraud. Police alleged that he was a director of a Canadian-based company that had been engaged in a sophisticated cross-border fraud targeted at U.S. investors.

cross border international fraud caseMr. Prutschi was retained early-on in the process by Mr. Y allowing meetings to take place with a senior crown attorney on an expedited basis. Mr. Prutschi was quickly able to persuade the crown that Mr. Y was not in any way involved in the alleged frauds.

The crown attorney offered to stay the charges essentially placing them in legal limbo for a period of one year with the possibility of reopening the charges should new information come to light.

Not satisfied with this offer by the crown, Mr. Prutschi continued to lobby on Mr. Y’s behalf. Mr. Prutschi meticulously reviewed the weaknesses in the crown’s case eventually convincing the crown to withdraw all charges completely and unequivocally.

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