Fraud Sentencing Case

In this case, Mr. T approached Mr. Prutschi shortly after receiving bail for his involvement in a complex telemarketing fraud targeting U.S. citizens. Mr. T was extremely remorseful about his involvement in the scheme and wanted to immediately enter a guilty plea with the assistance of Mr. Prutschi.

fraud sentencing caseMr. Prutschi convinced Mr. T to wait before making any decisions regarding his plea to these charges. The crown attorney was asking for a jail sentence in excess of two years and seeking restitution for losses estimated to be over $400,000 U.S.

Mr. Prutschi carefully reviewed the boxes and boxes of disclosure provided in this case and conducted numerous pre-trial meetings with both the assigned crown and judge over the course of many months.

In the end, Mr. T did enter a guilty plea, but rather than go to jail for two years or more and be saddled with a repayment order for over half a million Canadian dollars, Mr. T received a 10 month house arrest sentence and was ordered to repay just over $80,000 CAD (1/2 of which was to be repaid in the first 4 years). With the assistance of Mr. Prutschi, Mr. T avoided the terrible burden of a jail sentence and dramatically reduced the amount of money he was ordered to repay.

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