Search Warrant Case

Late one afternoon, the owners of a real estate business known as RM were shocked to find a host of police officers at their door demanding compliance with a search warrant. An employee of RM was suspected in a large-scale fraud not involving the company but police wanted to seize numerous documents and records to assist in their investigation of that employee.

search warrant caseRM placed a call to Mr. Prutschi who was reached on his cell-phone. Mr. Prutschi was able to quickly attend at RM’s business office to review the search warrant presented by the police. While police initially intended to seize all the office’s files and return them only days or even weeks later after they had gone through them, Mr. Prutschi was able to negotiate an arrangement between RM and police. RM would go through the files themselves and hand over everything they had relating to the employee under investigation within three days. RM would be permitted to retain photocopies of these files for their own business use.

Mr. Prutschi’s on-the-spot negotiating spared RM the difficult task of trying to run a business after police have seized all the documents. Mr. Prutschi was also able to get police back to their station and away from RM’s offices within the hour, thus minimizing the number of clients exposed to the potentially embarrassing circumstance of having uniformed officers combing through the business while employees and clients look on.

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