Dellen Millard Case – Criminal Lawyer Sonya Shikhman Weighs In On

The Crown currently has plans to prosecute Dellen Millard, who is already facing two life sentences, for the third time. This time the Crown is trying Millard for the death of his father, which was initially believed to be a suicide.

Millard has already been found guilty twice for first-degree murder. He received two life sentences and isn’t eligible for parole for 50 years when he would be in his 80s. Even then, it’s not guaranteed he would get out.

Many view this third prosecution as a waste of Crown resources and time. Millard can currently appeal his two convictions, and have them potentially overturned. Toronto criminal lawyer Sonya Shikhman believes that the Crown should hold off on trying him until after it the appeals are settled.

Shikhman thinks though that part of the reason the Crown is pushing to prosecute is to get some answer but also because “every victim deserves to have a trial”. It remains to be seen what will happen.

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