Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio

Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio

Hari Sathappan, at Woodford Sathappan McGee, is a top-rated child custody attorney in Columbus, Ohio, specializing in high conflict divorce and custody matters. Here are a few reasons why our Columbus child custody lawyers think children belong with their mothers in a divorce:

  1. Strongest emotional bond with the children

The mother is the first human that a child meets when it enters the world. A mother becomes the first one to know and connect with the child. As the first caregiver to her children, the way she interacts with her kids during the early years of their development leaves a deep impact on them and is reflected in their social behaviors and emotional health. Our woman's divorce lawyer in Columbus Ohio, Hari Sathappan, has been advocating for women's rights and welfare his entire life and can help you get sole physical custody of your child.

  1. Offers proper environment for development

Mothers often determine the environment that a child grows in from the time they are born. Mothers have the innate quality to create and offer the ideal space for their children for movement, education, creativity, and play.

  1. Plays an integral role in a child's behavioral development

A child takes after its mother in a lot of ways. A mother becomes the primary caregiver for children in their developmental years. A lot of the behavioral patterns in a child come from what they observe and learn from their mothers. Children raised with lots of love and emotional support from their mothers during the development years are more likely to lead a healthy, fulfilling, and emotionally stable life later.

  1. Instils trust and security

Children raised in the love and warmth of their mothers are less likely to suffer from trust or insecurity issues later in life. Children learn to trust their mothers from a very young age and feel more secure, independent, and responsible as adults. 

  1. Family bonding, discipline, and other important values

A woman often becomes the backbone of a family. Without a mother in the house, a child can lack the emotional bond with other family members (such as a father or sibling). Women help the child develop a routine, adapt essential values in life, learn hygiene practices, and day-to-day tasks efficiently. While fathers too can be disciplinarians, children can often feel like their dad is coming on too strong on them. Mothers tend to be on the other end of the spectrum.

Besides, boys raised by mothers are more likely to treat their partners with compassion, sensitivity, and kindness as they grow up watching their mothers. Our Columbus, Ohio, woman's lawyer knows how a child can feel emotionally scarred for life without their mother's love, care, and support. As a pioneer family law firm in Columbus, OH, we care deeply about women and their role as mothers in their children's lives.  Our divorce attorney for wives in Columbus, OH, Hari, has helped hundreds of women retain sole physical child custody. 

Schedule a free consultation with Hari Sathappan at Woodford Sathappan McGee by reaching us at 380-204-9043. Hari is a highly acclaimed child custody attorney in Columbus, Ohio, with several years of experience and the highest level of training. Entrust your divorce to us for a seamless and stress-free transition. 

Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio
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Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio
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Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio Child Custody Attorney Columbus Ohio


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