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Life Insurance Port Moody

Life Insurance Port Moody

First Oak Inc. is one of the best Port Moody life insurance companies. We have years of experience in the insurance industry. Our commitment to our work coupled with our associations with several renowned organizations like FP Canada, CLU, CUSTOM PLAN, amongst others ensures that we provide all our clients with the best life insurance policies in Port Moody. Be it corporate insurance packages or personal, we make sure that our clients make the most out of the insurance packages. We provide free insurance quotes in Port Moody and explain to our clients the program policies and specifications in detail, going over every clause, before the agreement is finalized, to avoid any confusion and offer complete transparency. All our clients are regular and extremely satisfied with our work, and their testimonies show it. We are honored to be the top referred life insurance in Port Moody.

Here’s a quick guide to our life insurance policies:

We offer two categories of life insurance, corporate-owned, and personal life insurance options. These cater to both our client bases, corporate firms, and individuals. The policies of both these categories are more or less the same but let's discuss these policies in detail:

  • Under our services, our clients can opt for either term insurance or permanent insurance. Permanent insurance as the name suggests is a permanent plan and is valid for the entire life of the client as long as the insurance installments are paid regularly. The term insurance plan, on the other hand, is temporary. There are multiple term plans that we offer and the customer can choose the one they feel is most suitable. The most popular term plans are for ten, twenty-five, and seventy-five years.
  • Under our policies for personal life insurance plans the tax premiums received are not subject to tax, and no tax will be deducted, and when the death benefit fund is received it is tax-free. The premium received from corporate life insurances however can be tax-deductible depending on the plan decided by the company.
  • We also offer add-on life insurance packages for employees that have insurance plans by their employers. To combat issues, such as removal from the plan after retirement, termination, or incomplete coverage plans.
  • Joint insurance plans that cover more than one person are also offered by us. There are two types of plans that we offer that cater to multiple individuals, the first-to-die plan and the last-to-die plan. These plans are most commonly chosen by spouses.
  • We have lenient insurance policy plans that more inclusively offer insurance plans for individuals with diagnosed medical diseases. All we require for you is to go through a series of basic medical examinations such as blood tests, urine tests, and also answer a few questions related to your finance, medical history, and lifestyle.

Contact First Oak Financial Inc. for the best life insurance quote in Port Moody BC by giving us a call at 604-761-7543.

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Life Insurance Port Moody
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Life Insurance Port Moody
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Life Insurance Port Moody Life Insurance Port Moody


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