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Prenup Agreement New York


Let Rubinstein Law Firm help you draw up an effective prenup agreement in New York that will protect the wealth you have worked for throughout your lifetime. A prenup is an affordable way to safeguard your assets, and when done correctly, will not offend either party. Call our law firm at 516-268-7077. Rubesq.com

Divorce Mediator Near Windsor


Work with an experienced divorce mediator near Windsor who can help your family negotiate a divorce with less stress and emotional turmoil. Our affordable mediation services at Positive Solutions are designed to help you keep more of your wealth and get through divorce with less of a strain on family relationships. Positive Solutions Divorce Services®

Aggravated Assault Georgia


If you’re facing charges of aggravated assault in Georgia, contact Criminal Defense Matters right now to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. You’ll need a tough legal advocate working on your behalf to minimize fines and jail time; we can provide the defense you need. Contact our legal team for free. Kohn & Yager, LLC

IVC Blood Filter Lawsuit


Before you file an IVC blood filter lawsuit, speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney about your case. If you’ve been injured as a result of an IVC blood filter, you may be able to seek recourse in a court of law, filing for financial compensation to cover your injuries, pain, and suffering. Let the team at Wetherall Group handle your injury case for the best results.