Edward Prutschi on News Talk 1010 Discusses Colin Kaepernick

Ed Prutschi spoke with Newstalk1010’s Jerry Agar about the latest development in the NFL discussion. Colin Kaepernick, who gained fame for kneeling during the American national anthem out of protest for police brutality, filed charges against the NFL.

Kaepernick claimed the NFL and team owners colluded against hiring him for his activism. Toronto Criminal lawyer Ed Prutschi says that the burden of proof falls on Kaepernick. He had to not just prove that he wasn’t hire because of his kneeling, but that the teams and NFL banded together and conspired not to hire him.

Prutschi claims that Kaepernick and his legal team are obviously hoping to find a “smoking gun”. Without some sort of document, memo, or email it will be a hard case to win. Even if it is discovered that every team chose not to hire him due to his protests, unless they all discussed and agreed to this, there isn’t legal grounds for collusion charges.

Other topics discussed briefly during this segment were the Harvey Weinstein scandal, charging stations for electric cars, elderly car facilities, the Ontario college strike, and Uber legalization.

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