Edward Prutschi on NewsTallk 1010 Law & Order – October 16th

Criminal lawyer Ed Prutschi sat down to talk with Mike McCormick, President of the Toronto Police Association, and Jerry Agar on Newstalk1010’s Law and Order segment.

The three discussed what it means when police say a victim of a crime was “known to police”. McCormick states that it’s a technical term police use to describe people that have criminal convictions or are involved in criminal charges. Media is often to blame for police being asked this questions. Prutschi believes that when police say a victim was “known” it imply they too were a “bad guy” and it creates an environment of “who cares”. McCormick says this is a dangerous mind set as these bad guys on bad guy crimes often take place in public settings where innocent bystanders can still be hurt.

They also discussed the recent spike in vehicle collisions happening near Toronto. Both McCormick and Prutschi say there are many factors that go into rising rates of accidents, such as an aging population, people cross without crosswalks, and cell phone usage. Prutschi states that it’s even more difficult downtown as there is a mix of three types of traffic- driving, cycling, and pedestrians. McCormick says that everyone needs to stay alert.

Lastly, Agar takes Prutschi and McCormick through some statistics about police in Toronto. Ed Prutschi says it’s not about whether the people voting in these polls are wrong or right. The data is most useful because it shows what people think. At the end of the day there is a lot of miscommunication between public perception of police and how police view themselves.

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