Edward Prutschi Sits Down For a Round Table Discussion with Jerry Agar – October 23rd, 2017

On Newtalk1010’s Round Table discussion with Jerry Agar, Criminal Lawyer Ed Prutschi sat down to discuss some of the hottest issues today. First up was the latest government spending and cutbacks. Recently they have taken away tax benefits for those that suffer from diabetes. Prutschi says it’s a shortsighted response. If people with diabetes don’t get financial help to manage their diabetes, in the long run, it will cost the government more.

Next, the Round Table discussed the latest data that shows Blacks and other racial minorities have to wait longer for trial dates than whites. Diversity is an issue in the judicial system, with many court systems only have a few racial minority judges and lawyers.

At its core, Ed Prutschi believes it’s an economic issue, but economic issues are tied to racial issues. It’s not a coincidence that those who are economically disadvantaged tend to be racial minorities. Racial minorities often don’t have people who can afford bail. There needs to be more diversity, not only in the judicial system but also on those committees that are setting the bail policies.

Next up, the panel discussed the scandal with Great Canadian Gaming. Individuals in the company were hiring gambler to come to the casino with laundered cash. The finance minister says he had no knowledge of these issues, which raises the question of who is overseeing these issues then? Some criminal behavior can be expected in casinos, but the government should be aware before handing out multi-million dollar contracts.

Also discussed on the show was how young people are working remotely and avoiding costly living by traveling and living in vans and RVs. Condos are also now being built to cater to young families. Most young couples with young kids cannot afford homes so they are choosing to stay in condos downtown. Prutschi says it’s smart for condos to include family-friendly amenities like stroller parking since the young couple demographic will eventually age up and likely stay put.

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