Investigative and Interrogation Techniques of Police in Tim Bosma Case

As hundreds of mourners streamed into a decorated Hamilton banquet hall to remember Tim Bosma, police were moving in to make a second arrest in the slaying of the 32-year old. The second suspect, Mark Smich, a 25-year old from Oakville, Ont., was arrested and has been charged with first-degree murder.

Toronto homicide detectives, who have working jointly with Hamilton police, have executed a search warrant at Dellen Millard’s farm, the site where Bosma’s remains were found. Earlier this month, Bosma went missing after two men had shown up at his house to test drive his pickup truck. Millard is co-accused of first-degree murder.

Edward Prutschi was an expert guest on CTV News to discuss the Tim Bosma murder investigation. Mr. Prutschi discusses the investigation and interrogation techniques of the police, who are trying to convince each suspect to give up information on the other. Mr. Prutschi also discusses the possibility of plea bargains in first degree murder cases such as this one.

Watch the Interview:

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