Luka Magnotta’s Preliminary Inquiry

Mr. Prutschi talks to Jerry Agar from NewsTalk1010 about the latest happenings in the Luka Magnotta criminal proceeding. Magnotta’s lawyers have requested that the media and public be excluded from the preliminary hearing in the Montreal courtroom. Luka Magnotta grabbed international headlines in the Summer of 2012 when he was charged with dismembering and mailing-out body parts of Chinese engineering student at Concordia University, Lin Jun. Mr. Prutschi gets into the specifics of the courtroom and discusses Magnotta’s lawyers filing an application for publication ban of the preliminary inquiry, which is routine, along with the highly unusual request to ban reporters outright from the proceedings. The reasons for this extraordinary request by the Magnotta criminal team are unclear. Mr. Prutschi delves into the possibility of the judge granting the Magnotta criminal team their request, and what it means for the case.


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