Man convicted of human trafficking in relation to his Filipino nanny

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Advocacy and grassroots groups across Canada have lauded a landmark decision in British Colombia that can potentially shift the legal landscape on crimes that deal with human-trafficking. This potentially precedent-setting verdict was made against Franco Orr, who was accused of trafficking and enslaving his Filipino nanny who was responsible for taking care of his three children.

There have been only a handful of human-trafficking cases under the Criminal Code of Canada and this is believed to be one of the first relating to the treatment of a domestic caregiver. Many human-trafficking cases fail to make it to the criminal justice system because the victims are threatened with deportation, violence, have language barriers, are unaware of legal protection, and develop a helpless dependency on domineering bosses.

Edward Prutschi was an expert legal guest on CTV News to discuss this nationally-captivating and unique case. Mr. Prutschi touches on a variety of issues, including why only the husband was convicted, which part of the Criminal Code specifically is addressed in this case, and how the exploitation is the key difference between a bad employer and a criminal employer, and what the punitive consequences may be in this case.

Click on the link to see Mr. Prutschi answer these questions and more:

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