Mississauga Criminal Lawyer Recaps Top 10 Crimes Being Committed in 2017

It’s a busy time to be a Mississauga criminal lawyer or police officer. In 2016 alone, police charged over 16,000 people in the Peel region with some type of criminal offense. Here are the top 10 most popular crimes committed in Mississauga last year.

10. Impaired Driving

Unfortunately, one of the biggest crimes Mississauga criminal lawyers end up defending is impaired driving cases. In 2016, Peel officers charged 1,260 people with DUIs. While driving when impaired is dangerous, drunk driving lawyers know that not everyone is given a fair shake when it comes to these arrests.

9. Fraud

Who knew fraud was so popular in Mississauga? There were 1,665 cases of fraud charges last year. While credit card fraud is the most popular, criminal lawyers in Mississauga see a whole bunch of other circumstances and cases.

8. Car Theft

Better lock up! Car theft was the number 8 most committed crime in Mississauga last year with a total of 2,007 vehicles stolen. Any criminal lawyer will tell you vehicular theft charges aren’t anything to laugh at.

7. Drug Possession

In 2016, there were 2,637 drug possession charges in the Peel region. Mississauga criminal lawyers theorize that this number will drop rapidly after the legalization of marijuana. However, with the rise in opiate usage, that number could hold steady.

6. Burglary

Mississauga has increasingly become a mature city; there has been a steady rise in burglaries. Last year police responded to 3,454 break-ins, in both commercial and residential locations. That’s nearly 10 break-ins a day!

5. Hit-and-Run

Car crashes aren’t unusual, nor are they usually criminal. However, hit and runs are. There were nearly 26,000 car crashes in the region last year, and 3,582 of those were hit and runs. Mississauga criminal lawyers warn that running away from a scene of an accident will result in far more severe punishment than staying and reporting it.

4. Mischief

Who knew mischief was a criminal offense? Well, it’s a term that means a person damaged or threatened to damage property they have no claim to. Crimes such as graffiti, threats, fake 911 calls, or even bomb threats, could fall under mischief. Last year there were 3,718 criminal mischief charges filed.

3. Theft From Cars

Some people don’t steal the car, they just steal from it. With a large number of Go Train stations, malls, and other venues with large parking lots, it’s not surprising there were 3,757 cases of theft from motor vehicles.

2. Assault

Unfortunately, Mississauga criminal lawyers say that the runner-up for most committed crime is a violent one- assault. There were 4,269 assault charges in 2016. These include everything from parking lot scuffles to sexual assault.

1. Shoplifting

While it’s true Mississauga isn’t as bustling and entertaining as downtown Toronto, that’s no excuse for the 4,281 shoplifting cases. Big stores such as Walmart and No Frills see the most instances of shoplifting.

There is never an excuse to commit any of these crimes, but not everyone that is accused is guilty of the crime. If you have been charged with a crime, please contact Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman Mississauga Criminal Defence Lawyers.

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