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Our criminal defence law firm specializes in providing criminal defense legal services to individuals and corporations in Newmarket, and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman Criminal Law Firm treats each criminal case with a deep level of care, focus and expertise. We understand that a criminal charge is a highly stressful time in your life, and causes great concern amongst friends and family. At BSB Criminal Law Firm, we skillfully use our talents, network, and strategies to give you the best chance to bring about a successful verdict in your case.  The firm’s lawyers are known for winning challenging and complex cases in all areas of criminal law.

From the pre-trial process – from the negotiating, plea bargaining and bail hearing – to the courtroom trial, we approach each phase with the intention to get the best outcome for you. We know that you are entering unchartered territories and that is why we emphasize communication and dialogue, and make it primary staple at our criminal law firm. At all levels of the criminal court procedure, we provide sound advice in clear language so we can remove any confusion that you may have. Our law firm is one that has been tried and tested, and we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence in criminal litigation.

We take great pride that those who are criminally charged have entrusted us with their future, and this a weighty responsibility that we are well-prepared to handle and do not take lightly.  We do not overlook any facts of your case and our expert criminal defence lawyers have never retreated from a legal showdown, and are well-known for zealously advocating on your behalf to get positive results. We are constantly counted-on by the largest Canadian media outlets, such as CTV, CBC, Sun TV et al. to clarify national and international criminal cases, and answer pressing questions that pertain to the case in question, and discuss its implications on society at large.

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We have represented clients from Newmarket in a wide array of practices areas, including:

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