Newstalk1010 Round Table Discussion – November 6th, 2017

Mississauga criminal lawyer Ed Prutschi sat down for a roundtable discussion today with Newstalk1010’s host Jerry Agar. Most of the topics discussed revolved around accountability with the government.

First up they discussed Toronto Mayor’s John Tory’s decision not to privatize garbage collection, which was one of his main campaign promises. Edward Prutschi says the mayor definitely dropped the ball and made little effort to move on the decision. Tory is right now though, as the initial privatization changed how the public side operated. That changes the decision, so it should be re-evaluated on like Tory did. The real issue is that we live in a reality where we know politicians lie to get elected and we can’t do much to change that.

The Round Table also discussed comments made that stated drug addiction is a social issue, not a criminal justice one. Prutschi argues that it’s both a social and a criminal justice issue. The solution to decriminalize all drug offences for possession doesn’t fix the issue. If anything, it might make it worse.

The discussion also covered the pedestrian street crossing countdown clock and its legal usage, how the government should spend its money, and the problems around the court of public opinion.

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