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BPS is a boutique law firm that specializes in all areas of criminal law. Our Oakville criminal lawyers have been at the forefront of some of Ontario’s most-highly captivating criminal cases, and have been able to successfully defend involving complex forensic evidence, police brutality, impaired driving offences (DUI / DWI) and all other areas of criminal law. What has kept us ahead of the curve and has made us a formidable legal defense lawyers against the heavy-hand of the State is that we are highly innovative and highly adaptable to any situation that arises, as we constantly align ourselves to the conditions and are well-versed in handling any criminal legal matter.

In today’s setting, the legal landscape is dynamic and is always being readjusted. Our law firm has always strategized by keeping up-to-date and utilized these legislative shifts to strengthen your case. We are fully committed to going to bat for you and know how tough it is to face the Crown and all that She will throw at you.  Our Oakville criminal lawyers utilize expertise and due diligence at all stages of the criminal trial process, and treat your case with a high level of care. We do not overlook any details and facts in your case, and will mobilize our team to give you the best chance to bring a successful completion to your case.

Our firm is reputed for leveraging our resources and channeling them to your cause and maximizing your chances to get a best-case ruling.  We are also compassionate to your needs and are well-aware that a criminal charge has serious emotional ramifications for you and your loved ones. We empathize and try our best to ease the pain as much as possible by clearly discussing to you your options, going-over the process with you and discussing with you the general approach that we will take. Those who have been criminally charged feel overwhelmed, you will be empowered by having BPS’ Oakville criminal lawyers by your side, and we will get through this together.

The BSB law firm has a strong presence in the Oakville area, if you need legal representation in a criminal matter, do not hesitate to call us. As one of the top criminal law firms, our Criminal Lawyer are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7) and work overtime to bring you best-case results in any criminal charge you face.

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