Police Liability in the Luka Magnotta Case?


Edward Prutschi discusses whether police have any liability for not catching up to alleged killer, Luka Magnotta, sooner.

With the world spotlight on the Luka Rocco Magnotta the last few weeks, more facts about the case are being uncovered and revealed. This time, the focus is on whether Canadian law enforcement, who had been hot on Magnotta’s trails weeks before, could have nabbed him before he allegedly committed the gruesome murder of university student, Jun Lin. Tracking him down to a Montreal apartment, Toronto police were trying to locate Magnotta on allegations of animal cruelty for more than a year. Questions about whether the police could have done more or pushed harder to catch the former porn star and stripper has now engulfed Canadian media. In hindsight, could police have stopped this grisly crime? Was law enforcement pushing hard enough to find a man who had videotaped grotesque crimes? If the police officers are negligent, should they take a share of the blame in a legal sense? Mr. Prutschi provides insight on these questions and more on NewsTalk 1010.


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