Presumption of Innocence


Edward Prutschi talks about how the integrity of our court system is contingent on a presumption of innocence, and why it is so crucial.

He also discusses the role that media sensationalism plays in all of this, and their moral responsibility to treat all criminal justice cases objectively. He also discusses the negligible role that the media can play in a criminal case and how it can negatively skew public perception and undermine criminal justice.

Hopelessness, fears and anxieties naturally accompany criminal charges for families and friends of the accused.  Our Toronto criminal lawyers, at Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman take your criminal charges very seriously. Time and time again, we are helping our clients successfully walk away from hard-to-overcome cases as we channel all of our resources on your behalf. We take a holistic approach to all criminal cases and are well-acquainted with how determined the parties of the prosecutor, such as the police, are in convicting you.  We will level the playing field and ensure that you walk away with a successful conclusion to your case.

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