Mark Marek’s Bail Hearing – The Magnotta Case

Mark Marek, an Edmonton man who purportedly published a ghastly video on his website of the murder of Concordia student Lin Jun by Luka Rocco Magnotta, appeared for his bail hearing after being formally charged with “corrupting morals.”

The prosecution has opposed Marek’s release saying that he posed a flight risk as he was found with his passport and $18,000 in cash. According to the Crown, Marek does not have a permanent address and intends on returning to Slovakia, his native country. As the police have already confiscated his passport, the judge granted Marek a $7,500 conditional bail. One of conditions for his bail is that he cannot access the internet. The Crown is thoroughly searching Marek’s seized devices and inspecting the website for further content that can incriminate him and strengthen their case.

Marek’s legal defense team, on the other hand, believe that Marek does not pose a threat to society and allege that Marek showcased the gruesome and now infamous video to “determine if it is was real,” and leverage public knowledge to verify the authenticity of the video. The year-long investigation by police  into the Edmonton-based website, Best Gore, started in June 2012 and determined that Marek was the sole owner and webmaster of the site. The public release of the murder and the dissemination of such a video on social and mainstream media sparked a worldwide manhunt for Magnotta, who was found in a Berlin, Germany internet cafe.

Mr. Prutschi, a legal analyst and criminal lawyer at Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman, discusses this sensitive and internationally-captivating case with Global.

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