Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorneys

Sacramento criminal defense attorneys

If you or anyone you know has recently been charged with a crime or arrested, the first thing on your mind should be how you can get the best criminal attorney. Even if you think it’s a seemingly small charge, you should remember that your freedom and future are at stake if anything goes wrong in court. Having a team of Sacramento criminal defense attorneys defending your case is the only way to ensure you have all bases covered.

Why do I need to hire criminal attorneys in Sacramento?

Many people facing common offenses such as DUI prefer to represent themselves or, at best, hire a public defendant. Unfortunately, this conservative choice could easily blow in your face. The best Sacramento criminal defense attorneys are adept at defending clients in court. Having them on your team ensures you won’t be reeled in by the technical loopholes commonplace in criminal law. Below are a few more reasons why you should hire a criminal defense attorney and hire one early:

Early dismissal

When you hire a Sacramento criminal defense attorney, you’ll have someone who knows the law on your side. If you make the call early enough, your lawyer may be able to negotiate a dismissal before the prosecutor charges you. In cases where a dismissal is impossible, they may be able to negotiate other rights that may improve your chances of winning the case. Perhaps more importantly, prosecutors and police officers are more cautious when dealing with persons who have an attorney by their side. Thus, you can rest assured your legal rights would not be trampled upon.

Stops you from saying the wrong things

There’s a reason why lawyers advise their clients to insist on not speaking until they are present. Your prosecutors can easily twist an innocuous statement into a damaging one, and it’ll be almost impossible to deny what you have said. The moment your rights have been read, the next thing that should be on your mind is calling your Sacramento criminal defense attorneys. They would coach you on what to and what not to say and act as the communication link between you and the other party.

Know your legal options

Most Sacramento criminal defense attorneys provide a free consultation when they get a call from a client in distress. During the brief, they’ll ask about case specifics and intimate you with your legal options from their preliminary assessment. After you hire them, they’ll tell you more about the possible outcomes in your case. If they believe you have a good chance in court, they’ll let you know and prepare you for the court appearance. Otherwise, they’ll advise you on the best alternatives to explore. Perhaps you may consider a plea bargain or provide useful information in exchange for a lighter punishment.

Get in touch with the best Sacramento criminal defense attorneys

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