Snuff and Gore Websites, their Legality in the wake of the Magnotta murder


Mr. Prutschi discusses snuff and gore websites that are open to the public, their legality and the legal consequences they have.

References to a gruesome and heinous video that is purported to be Luka Rocco Magnotta murdering, dismembering, and sexually assaulting his victim, Lin Jun has sent shockwaves across Canada and the world over. Magnotta is subject to a global manhunt spearheaded by Interpol, and has apparently fled Canada, and is now believed to be in Europe. While the video made by Luka Rocco Magnotta – which was posted on gore websites – and all its ghastly details have been articulated in various media outlets, an important question gets swept under the rug. What is the legal standing of these discussion forums and websites that allow sickening imagery to be openly uploaded by the public and publicly displayed? Is it illegal or just immoral? Should there not be laws of censorship to these kinds of harmful videos? Edward Prutschi discusses the legality of “snuff” and “gore” websites in the wake of the massive Magnotta manhunt at length with News Talk 1010.

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