What Happens After a Domestic Assault Charge

Edward Prutschi discusses what happens after a domestic assault charge, and shares some valuable insight on the legalities surrounding domestic assault and domestic violence, and why the exception instead of the rule often guides legislation.

A criminal charge is a life-altering event and it becomes almost unbearable when defendants see the forces that they are really up against, especially in domestic assault cases. When you choose BSB, you are tipping the scales in your favour, as our experience with a diverse array of criminal cases neutralizes the system that endeavours and fights to convict you. Especially pertaining to domestic violence, where either party can be completely victimized and wronged by the system that often does not recognize a case-by-case examination for domestic assault and domestic abuse charges. We leave no stone unturned, and ensure that you will be defended by one our strong defence criminal lawyer firm in Toronto, Ontario. We also offer avenues for victim support and assistance

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