Legal Roundtable – Sandusky, Jacques Delisle, Doctor-Assisted Suicide, and Roger Clemens

Legal Roundtable – Sandusky, Jacques Delisle, Doctor Assisted Suicide & Roger Clemens

Mr. Prutschi does a guest spot on the Legal Roundtable with CFRB legal analyst Steven Skurka discussing the Sandusky sex assault trial, first degree murder conviction of a former Canadian judge, doctor-assisted suicide and a quick prediction for Roger Clemens.

In this media roundtable, criminal lawyer Edward Prutschi makes a special guest appearance and discusses a wide array of criminal legal cases that are in the Toronto and Canadian spotlight. Mr. Prutschi keys-in on important yet often understated legal considerations that the legal community and the public must be cognizant of.

Delving deep into the issues that have polarized and impassioned the public at large, such as doctor-assisted suicide, Mr. Prutschi and other prominent lawyers come in from a purely legal frame of reference, and discuss legal factors that cannot be avoided in such a discourse. Outside broad legal questions, Mr. Prutschi weighs-in on the Sandusky sexual assault case and the first degree murder conviction of Jacques Delisle, a former Canadian judge.

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