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Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman Criminal Lawyers in Toronto is focused on providing expert representation to individuals and corporations charged with criminal offences since 1975.

The criminal defence lawyers of BPS possess a wealth of experience in the criminal justice system conducting trials and appeals at every level of court in Ontario and at the Supreme Court of Canada. Our criminal lawyers have even been sought out by clients throughout Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and the surrounding GTA, as well as outside of Ontario to represent them on cases of particular complexity or importance in other Provinces.

Our criminal law firm includes adults, youths, corporations and victims caught up in the justice system. We also represent clients at sentencing hearings and appeals, on regulatory and provincial offences, and at academic and occupational tribunals. We provide expert support and assistance to lawyers in other fields (such as commercial law, immigration law or family law) when their matters cross over into the criminal realm.

Our lawyers share a passionate commitment to justice, unrivaled professionalism and an irrepressible desire to succeed on your behalf. We personally appear on behalf of our clients at each and every court appearance, allowing you to focus on your work and family, and not on your pending criminal case. We will provide you with regular and detailed updates on the status of your case and will always make ourselves available to answer your questions. The Toronto criminal lawyers of BPS maintain regular contact with our office throughout their busy court days and can often respond to your calls within hours. It is this unparalleled level of service coupled with our extensive legal experience that distinguishes Bytensky Prutschi Shikhman from other criminal defence law practices.

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  • Edward Prutschi help us to win our case and he gave us very professional service, we are grateful and strongly recommend Mr Edward Prutschi to everyone who needs a professional criminal defence lawyer in Toronto. thank you sir.

    Fikre Achamyeleh
  • Dear Boris, Thank you for the follow up letter and your invoice. Scott is very happy with the outcome of his charges and we would both like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work, expertise and the friendly manner in which you work. Your entire office staff was also excellent to deal with, always there with a quick response and professional manner.

    Bill & Scott
  • Sonya Shikhman is my go-to resource for criminal referrals. She is brilliant in her knowledge and application of criminal legal principles and has a superior understanding of client needs and the most practical avenues to meeting them.

    Maria K

Our Practice Areas

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Academic Tribunals

Protecting your education and profession are two of the most important tasks you could ever hire a lawyer for. The decisions of academic and professional tribunals can impact your future success for the rest of your life. BPS lawyers take decades of experience earned in criminal courtrooms across the Province and bring it to bear on your behalf in the boardrooms of your college, university or professional tribunal.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Appeals Lawyer

Whether you are appealing a negative decision or defending against an appeal by the Crown of a case you won, the lawyers of BPS can help ensure that the verdict you need is a lasting one. Our lawyers have extensive experience with summary conviction appeals to the Superior Court of Justice as well as appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal. We can even help you argue your case all the way up to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Bail Hearings

A person’s freedom, pending the resolution of criminal charges, is determined at a bail hearing. However, the question is not only whether you will await trial in jail or at home, but also what kind of conditions you will be subject to once you are released. It is important to ensure that the conditions imposed are workable. Our criminal defence lawyers will take the time to understand your daily needs to ensure that only the least restrictive conditions are imposed.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Corporate Governance

Defending a corporation against criminal or regulatory offenses requires a unique approach that takes into consideration the special status and structure of corporate entities before the law. Further creative resolution options may be available when both a corporate and personal defendant exists.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Drug Offences

From simple possession of small quantities by someone addicted to opioids, all the way up to sophisticated trafficking and production charges, BPS lawyers have the background and experience to help. Whether it’s connecting you to treatment supports in the community or attacking a complex search warrant, thorough and compassionate legal representation is the key to a great courtroom result.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Criminal Code Offences

The Canadian Criminal Code punishes a variety of behavior, some of which may not seem criminal at first glance. However, once any criminal charge is laid, the might of prosecution is brought forward and consequences such as imprisonment, criminal record, fine are all possible outcomes. As such, any criminal charge must be vigorously defended by a criminal defense lawyer.

DUI Defence

DUI Lawyer

No charge is more technically complex than a DUI / impaired driving case. With a constantly changing legal landscape that now includes both alcohol and cannabis impaired driving, lawyers working in this field must remain up-to-date on the rapidly changing face of both the law and the science behind DUI cases. With ever-escalating penalties that include insurance consequences, license suspensions and jail, an experienced lawyer deeply familiar with impaired driving cases is critical to you courtroom success.

Criminal Lawyers

Hit & Run Lawyer

Being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally. The legal landscape only becomes more complex if the driver does not remain at the scene of the accident. BPS lawyers can help with both the Highway Traffic Act and Criminal Code dimensions of a hit-and-run case. Before you speak to police or insurance companies, speak to an experienced BPS lawyer.

Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Shoplifting & Theft

It seems so silly to be facing a criminal court over an item that might be worth only a few dollars, but reality sets in quickly when you realize that a shoplifting charge could negatively impact your educational prospects, your job, and even your immigration status. BPS lawyers are familiar with all local Diversion Programs and can help you quickly resolve shoplifting charges without the lifelong burden of a criminal record.

fraud lawyer

White Collar Crime & Fraud

From minor price-tag swaps to massive multi-million dollar schemes, BPS lawyers understand the complexities of every manner of fraud case. Several of our partners have backgrounds in corporate law enhancing our firm’s ability to provide you with a comprehensive defence on fraud-related charges.

homicide lawyer


When it matters most is when you need our experience and professionalism most. From manslaughter to first-degree murder, homicide cases are where a trusted multi-disciplinary team is critical. Let BPS put its lineup of forensic scientists, medical experts, investigators and more, to work for you.

victim support law

Victim Support

Being the victim in a criminal courtroom can be an overwhelming and emotionally daunting experience. BPS lawyers help ensure that your genuine needs are met at every stage of the process and will work with the Crown, police, or the defence team as per your wishes and directions to ensure that your voice is heard.

sexual assault lawyer

Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault is one of the most broadly defined charges in the Criminal Code. Anything from an unwanted touch all the way to violent rape is covered by sexual assault provisions. Sexual assault cases need to be defended strategically, intelligently and with a deep understanding of the many unique evidentiary rules that apply only in such circumstances.

domestic abuse lawyer

Domestic Assault Lawyer

Domestic violence is a unique crime that takes place within the intimate sanctity of a partner relationship. Crown Attorneys often take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to these offenses leading to intrusive bail conditions and emotionally-charged criminal, cases. BPS lawyers work with counsellors, family lawyers, and other professionals, to ensure minimal disruption and speedy and positive results for our clients.

child pornography lawyer

Child Pornography Lawyer

Nothing is more stigmatizing than facing a charge of child pornography. The impact of simply being charged is devastating. A complete understanding of search warrants, privacy law, psychiatry, and computing, are just some of the critical skills BPS lawyers bring to your defence of these serious charges.

young offenders lawyer

Young Offenders

Criminal law is convoluted enough when the defendant is an adult but youth under the age of 18 face an even more complicated array of specialized rules and procedures. An experienced lawyer familiar with the unique provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) can help ensure that your child’s future isn’t permanently defined by one foolish childish act.

extradition lawyer


When a foreign state seeks to rip you from your home and family in Canada, you need experienced counsel who understand both the domestic Canadian extradition law and the strategic elements at play in the country seeking your extradition.

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