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Charges relating to child pornography and internet luring are amongst the most devastating a person can face.

The stigma of even being investigated for such an offence is often enough to result in earth shattering consequences to a person’s personal and professional life. Charges are broken down into categories of accessing child pornography, possession of child pornography, distribution or publishing of child pornography and making child pornography. These charges are often related to the offence of internet luring where someone is accused of contacting a minor online for the purposes of committing an offence of sexual assault or sexual interference.

Recent amendments to the Criminal Code have introduced mandatory minimum sentences of 90 days or more for offences in these categories. If you are facing charges of this nature it is essential that you hire a lawyer dedicated to confidentially and professionally navigating the complexities of such a case. At Bytensky  Shikhman, our criminal lawyers have extensive experience with this very difficult area of the law. We are adept at defending these cases in every available way which can include attacks on the legality of search warrants. Our office has access to leading computer and technology experts who are experienced in analyzing digital data to explain the innocent existence of child pornography on discs, hard drives or in browser cookies.

Where a client admits to being involved in a child pornography or internet luring offence, we have access to the best and most experienced psychologists, psychiatrists and counselors who assist our clients in diagnosing and treating pedophilea. Often, this expertise and our attention to every detail is the difference between a crippling sentence and a genuine opportunity for rehabilitation.

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