Domestic Assault

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Domestic Assault
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If you have been charged with domestic assault, you must contact an experienced domestic assault lawyer as soon as possible to discuss this very serious charge.

Being charged with domestic assault is a terrible and traumatic experience for anyone, but the stress involved in these cases is magnified when the alleged victim is your spouse.

Police and Crown Attorneys are directed to apply a rigorous “zero tolerance” approach to allegations of domestic violence. Even when the complaining spouse does not want to see charges laid or requests to have charges and bail conditions dropped, prosecutors are often extremely reluctant to agree. Although domestic assault counseling programs are often recommended by Crown prosecutors in exchange for leniency and improved bail terms, defendants are usually required to enter early guilty pleas to avail themselves of these options. A domestic assault lawyer will review the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

We can connect your spouse with an independent lawyer to advise them on their options while referring you to respected counseling programs that can help smooth the path to a withdrawal of the charges. When settlement is not an option, our domestic assault lawyers have the sensitivity, training, and skills to ensure that your case is meticulously prepared and scrupulously defended.


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A domestic assault lawyer will make every effort to answer your questions promptly and personally – you will not be shuffled around through layers of staff. When our domestic assault lawyers are in court, our office staff will respond to your concerns immediately and professionally. Bytensky  Shikhman welcomes the opportunity to be your Toronto Criminal Lawyer. Don’t waste time, call now to consult with us.


Not necessarily. Only the Crown can decide to withdraw charges and Crown attorneys take domestic allegations very seriously. Even if the complainant advises the Crown that he or she wants the charges to be withdrawn, the Crown may be concerned that the complainant is being pressured to say so or will change his or her mind. The Crown may decide that there is a public interest in pursuing the charges even where the complainant is unlikely to cooperate. In these cases, the Crown will consider its ability to prove the charges without the complainant’s testimony and may proceed if there is other evidence that could lead to a conviction.

PAR stands for Partner Assault Response (PAR). The PAR program is a government-run domestic violence program. Crowns will sometimes offer that individuals charged with  domestic violence complete the PAR program in exchange for a more lenient sentencing position such as a peace bond or a discharge. Individuals who enter the PAR program are expected to complete 12 group education and counselling sessions dealing with topics such as substance abuse, respectful communication, dealing with conflict, and taking responsibility for actions.

Peace bonds are often preferred to taking charges to trial because they avoid the uncertain outcome of the trial and remove the risk of a criminal conviction. Although a peace bond is an excellent outcome in many cases, there are still consequences that should be considered. A peace bond, will, for example, show on a vulnerable sector record check, which can impact your ability to work or volunteer in certain fields. It is best to speak to a criminal lawyer to ensure that you understand all the consequences before agreeing to enter into a peace bond.

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