Extradition & International Crime

When criminal charges take on an international dimension, you need the very best in experienced representation from a firm that is familiar with the unique challenges of working beyond Canada’s borders.

Sometimes, the fight to defend yourself begins even before local law enforcement officials become involved in the case. If you or someone you know has been arrested in Ontario and is facing extradition to a foreign jurisdiction (including the United States) you need expert legal advice from an experienced criminal defence lawyer.

Bytensky  Shikhman can help you fight extradition or work with foreign authorities to negotiate the terms of any surrender and ultimate resolution. Our lawyers can assist you in any Province in Canada and even outside of Canada. If necessary, Bytensky  Shikhman can assist you in retaining counsel in the foreign jurisdiction and work with those lawyers in furtherance of your case. In some cases, if you are a Canadian citizen, we can even make arrangements for you to serve any sentence imposed by a foreign court here in Canada.

Our foreign expertise includes a thorough knowledge of the operation of international criminal law in its various forms as well as specific experience with the International Criminal Court.

Extradition in the Spotlight

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