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If you need to launch an appeal of a criminal court decision or are responding to an appeal launched by the crown, call our experienced appeal lawyers to discuss your strategy.

If you have been found guilty of a criminal offence, Bytensky  Shikhman can help you appeal that decision and get your conviction overturned. Bytensky Shikhman Criminal Lawyers have experience with applications for bail pending appeal, summary conviction appeals to the Superior Court of Justice, indictable appeals to the Ontario Court of Appeal, and appeals to the Supreme Court of Canada. BSB criminal lawyers are often sought out by other counsel who feel that their clients have been unjustly convicted at the trial level. Our lawyers can also assist you in appeals to reduce your sentence

Whatever your appellate needs, Bytensky  Shikhman can assist you in getting a second chance before the justice system. The law places strict time limits on the filing of most types of appeals (often 30 days or less) so you are urged to arrange an appointment with us as soon as possible after a conviction.

Our appeal lawyers make every effort to answer your questions promptly and personally – you will not be shuffled around through layers of staff. When our lawyers are in court, our office staff will respond to your concerns immediately and professionally. Bytensky  Shikhman welcomes the opportunity to be your Toronto Criminal Lawyers. Don’t waste time, call now to consult with us.

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