Sex Offender fled to the United States

A high-risk sex offender, who is part of a nation-wide manhunt, has fled to the United States after being sought in Canada. Michael Sean Stanley, a United States citizen who was living in Saskatchewan, was able to freely cross the border.

Stanley is wanted in Canada on charges of breach of recognizance and mischief and driving offenses, and was being monitored by police under a peace bond. Stanley has an extensive criminal history which includes multiple sexual offenses against women and children. Stanley has been missing since Oct. 1, and a warrant was issued for his arrest when his electronic monitoring bracelet was found on a rooftop of a business in Lloydminister, a town geographically located on the Alberta and Saskatchewan border.

Edward Prutschi, a criminal lawyer and legal analyst, was on CTV News to discuss the Michael Sean Stanley case. Mr. Prutschi is asked why can’t we detain and arrest Stanley if we know where he is. Mr. Prutschi reminds us that while Stanley has a long history of criminal activities and he does pose a threat to the community, he has not committed any new crimes except breaching the peace bond. Furthermore, he has served his time and has not been formally charged with any crime in the United States. Mr. Prutschi also discusses that while it is logical to feel empathy for the community he will decided to inhabit, it is up to the U.S. authorities to decide whether or not they will issue any warnings, and it is hard for Canada to intervene as their jurisdiction ends at the border. Although Canadian authorities are considering resorting to the extradition process, it is unlikely mere violation of his peace bond would legally justify Stanley’s forcible return to Canada.

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