Victim Support & Assistance

Victims of crimes often feel overwhelmed by the complexities of the criminal justice system. Crown attorneys represent the ‘public’ – not you. Crowns are often overworked and are unable to spend significant time with the victim in the course of preparing for a trial.

A criminal lawyer from Bytensky Shikhman can help guide you through this emotional and difficult time. We will act as a liaison between you and the crown attorney, always keeping you informed of the status of your case. If charges have not yet been laid and you wish to pursue criminal prosecution, we can assist you in reporting your incident to police or in laying private Information before a Justice of the Peace. We can also help you prepare for the uncomfortable experience of being a witness in a criminal case. Taking an active role in the prosecution can be an empowering and emotional experience.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sometimes the criminal courts are not the preferred or ideal forum in which to seek justice. If you have been the victim of workplace sexual harassment, you may want to consider filing a civil claim for compensation. After decades in criminal courts arguing hundreds of sexual assault cases, the lawyers of BSB are perfectly suited to putting their incredible experience to work for your civil team. We can work with your chosen civil lawyer or even refer you to the appropriate counsel to help you start your claim.

If you have been named as a defendant in a workplace civil suit, you know how humiliating and devastating these allegations can be. Jobs are lost and lives ruined long before the case will ever be heard in court. Our lawyers know the exactly the challenge you face and give your civil team a key advantage in preparing your case for discovery or trial.

Read Edward Prutschi’s commentary in the National Post and listen to him explain your options on Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio.

Bytensky  Shikhman lawyers often receive referrals from other criminal lawyers to act on behalf of witnesses in cases where the crown is not giving due consideration to the wishes of the complainant.

Our services in the criminal justice system are not limited to the related trial proceedings. Where an inquest or public inquiry has been called, the partners of Bytensky  Shikhman are available to fiercely and compassionately convey the interests of parties to a these bodies, helping to ensure that your voice is heard both by the reviewing body itself, and by the broader public through our access to the media.

Our Lawyers

If you or someone you know needs Victim Support & Assistance, you are invited to contact us to arrange for an initial client interview.
One of our experienced lawyers will sit down with you to discuss your case and give you a preliminary assessment of its strengths and weaknesses.

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