Criminal Lawyer
What is your experience with cases like mine? Because of the serious consequences of a criminal conviction, it is important to know that your lawyer has the experience and expertise to handle your case. You will want to know how long your lawyer has been practicing, whether they practice exclusively in criminal law, and if...
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Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence
Legal consent to sexual activity requires an understanding that consent must be explicit each and every time sexual activity is engaged in with another person. Just because two people have been dating for a long time, or are married to one another, does not automatically negate the requirement that consent to sexual activity is active,...
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judges need sexual assault training
  “The Federal government has introduced a Bill proposing to make sexual assault training mandatory for federally appointed judges. While advanced education for judges is a laudable goal, partner Edward Prutschi raises some concerns over the threat to judicial independence posed by a government legislating what judges must learn. Listen as Mr. Prutschi debates the...
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child pornography
What is the legal definition of “child pornography”? “Child pornography” is defined in s.163.1 of the Criminal Code of Canada. In order for something to be considered child pornography, the law says that it must meet one of the following definitions: A photographic, film, video or other visual representation  that shows a person who is...
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What is diversion for shoplifting
Shoplifting It’s the bane of a store owner’s existence. Boosting. Racking. Nicking. The five-finger discount. Whatever you call it, it’s shoplifting and the crime of theft under $5000 under the Criminal Code of Canada. BPS lawyers have defended hundreds of people over the years against shoplifting charges. Trials are rare as the costs associated with...
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BSB Toronto Criminal Lawyer
After decades of systemic delays and chronic problems with bail courts in northern Manitoba, partner Boris Bytensky joined local counsel Rohit Gupta, to launch a legal challenge targeting systemic failures. The judgment is not only a victory for our clients, but a stinging rebuke of ‘business as usual’ and calls for widespread review and change....
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Bail Hearing
The “Revolving Door” Bail System in Canada: Opinions from Edward Prutschi Many Canadians have grown very frustrated with the bail system in the country. They are not alone. Police chiefs have also become increasingly weary of the tireless routine of having to arrest the same criminals because they were out on bail. Also, political leaders...
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Toronto DUI lawyer cost
Like the cost of hiring a lawyer in any other criminal case, the cost of defending a DUI case depends on many factors. How are DUI cases billed? At BSB, as is our practice with most criminal matters, DUIs are charged on a block fee basis. This means your lawyer will quote you a fixed...
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Bail Review
Bail conditions that make you wonder if you should have stayed in custody for one more day. Understanding the Bail System in Canada and how to vary onerous bail conditions.   The Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees a right to a reasonable bail. The Criminal Code states that a person MUST be released on...
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