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Toronto Criminal LawyerOur criminal lawyers have proudly served the Toronto region for over 30 years with their legal services to individuals and corporations who have been criminally charged.  We have extensive experience in all areas of criminal law, including DUI/drunk driving, theft, sexual assault, domestic assault, bail hearings, international crime & extradition, homicide, fraud, and drug offences. Our Toronto criminal lawyers have consistently and successfully overcome difficult-to-beat and nationally-renowned cases, and are often called on by the national media to clarify and simplify complex legal cases or topics. If you’re in need of a criminal lawyer, contact our law firm today for a consultation.

Our Toronto criminal lawyers share a passionate commitment to justice, unrivaled professionalism and an irrepressible desire to succeed on your behalf. We personally appear on behalf of our clients at each and every court appearance, allowing you to focus on your work and family, and not on your pending criminal case.

We will provide you with regular and detailed updates on the status of your case and will always make ourselves available to answer your questions.Toronto Criminal Law Firm

Our lawyers are regularly featured in the media from print, radio, podcasts, and television to discuss the nations latest criminal cases. Our criminal law firm is founded on caring for the concerns of our clients, and ethical principles such as integrity, honesty and trustworthiness drive our law firm. These values define us.


We leave no stone unturned in your case, and take in all the facts of your case, and strategize around them. But before your criminal case hits the courtroom, we masterfully negotiate in the pretrial stages to get you the best deal possible and will fight to see you get a favourable resolution. We know that a pretrial deal will save you time, stress and money.

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If you’ve been charged with any of these criminal charges in Mississauga, then you need a lawyer that will provide you with an expert legal defence. Our Mississauga criminal lawyers are ready to help and are available 24/7. Some of our practice areas include:

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